The Foreign Student Week will be held in Kazan as part of the International Week of Student Solidarity. The event was organized the Tatarstan Student League Republican Youth Public Organization, the Tatarstan Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism, and the Association of Foreign Undergraduate and Graduate Students of Kazan.
The Foreign Student Week will include the following events:
November 18-20: Kazan universities will host the presentation of various projects of the Committee for Work with Foreign Students of the League of Students. The meetings will be attended by more than 500 foreign first-year students who will learn about the opportunities that exist for their self-development - projects and youth organizations open to foreign students.  Every first-year student will get a Foreign Student Guide, written especially for students from other countries.
November 20, 6.30 p.m.:  House of Friendship of the Peoples of Tatarstan will present the Friendship of Peoples Mini Football League. This project will be attended by 200 players from 17 countries of the world.
November 23-24: Sosnovyi Bor Sanatorium will hold a seminar for foreign student activists. The event will be attended by foreign students freshmen in Kazan universities and new applicants.  The program will include new master classes in legal issues and teambuilding training sessions. The final event will be the Friendship Party, where the foreign students will talk about customs of their country.