Rusnano and the Government of Moscow will develop a joint inter-university training program for engineers entrepreneurs for Moscow high-tech companies.
According to this program, several leading technical universities of Moscow will introduce a learning model, based on the experience of the Department of Technological Entrepreneurship in Moscow Physics and Technology Institute (MFTI), created in cooperation with Rusnano, which has been successfully operating for two years.
Just like the PhysTech program, the new intercollegiate program will focus on integrating theoretical training with practice in research divisions of innovative companies.  
To this end, the universities will establish a network of so called "basic organizations," which will include high-tech manufacturing companies.   R&D staff of manufacturing companies will serve as consultants in these "basic organizations."   The program will also incorporate strategy sessions at leading business accelerator companies, which will enable students to establish contacts with successful technological entrepreneurs, investors and academics.
Undergraduate and graduate students of leading Moscow universities who demonstrate a high level of scientific and technical preparation, shall be eligible to apply. Their attestation will depend not only on the quality of their Master's work completed at the university but also on implementation of their business project completed during a practicum at their "base organizations." After completing the training, the students will continue working on the project in their company or the newly created startup business.