The event took place on October 17-18 in Holiday Inn Moscow Gates Hotel.

The State Scientific Research Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications “Informika” attached to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Galaktika Corporation traditionally organized the event.

About 100 Pro-Rectors for academic affairs, finances, information system development as well as the heads of administrative offices, departments and subdivisions of higher educational establishments met at the conference. More than 50 higher educational establishments from 18 cities of Russia were represented.

The management of the Federal State Autonomous Institution State Scientific Research Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications “Informika” presented the renewed development strategy of informatization of education as a whole and higher education in particular as a part of the plenary session. The matter of e-documents management was specially emphasized in the reports as the system of e-documents management and control of orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (SEDKP) will be employed now in many higher educational establishments of this country.

Galaktika Corporation presented the full range of modern IT solutions for higher educational establishments jointly with its technological partners:
• Galaktika Higher Educational Establishment Management
• Timetable
• SED (System of E-Documents Management) DIRECTUM
• Rector’s Tablet PC and I-Decide
• SEDKP “Informika” (System of E-Documents Management and Control of Orders)
A new solution of Galaktika Corporation – Timetable – was of special interest to the audience. The giant intellectual work, invested in the development, combined with the employed new up-to-date platform XAFARI (based on Devexpress XAF) are the two aspects that make the solution of the corporation one of the leaders on the market. The new product was characterized as the best solution in its category by the first higher educational establishments-customers, and at present the first 6 projects are already being brought into life, basing on the new solution, in higher educational establishments of Russia and Byelorussia. The unique functionality of the solution, the basic approaches to bringing projects into life, methods of independent implementation in higher educational establishments and other matters were actively discussed both as a part of the plenary session and during the practical part of the conference on the second day.

There was a big interest demonstrated to solutions for Apple mobile devices (IPad) – Rector’s Tablet PC and I-Decide Documents. Arguments as to a tablet PC being a plaything and gadget in fashion or an up-to-date manager’s instrument, did not subside during the two days of the conference. iDecide company (Flexis group of companies) proved conclusively that a managerial system downloaded into the Rector’s of a higher educational establishment tablet PC is a reality of tomorrow, which is very near.

The audience familiarized itself with the practical experience of various higher educational establishments in bringing into life of automation projects based on the solutions “Galaktika Higher Educational Establishment Management”, “Timetable” and DIRECTUM and did it with special attention. 
Representatives of the following higher educational establishments delivered reports at the conference this year:
• St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University;
• St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation;
• Tolyatti State University;
• Yugra State University;
• Omsk State Technical University;
• British Higher School of Art and Design;
• Russian Academy of National Economy and State Service.
Not only successes and achievements but also various problematic matters as well as practical experience, obtained in the course of introduction of information systems, were discussed at the conference as a part of the roundtable. New developments and practical examples of bringing interesting projects into life in higher educational establishments were demonstrated during the master class on the second day of the conference.

A wide range of present-day IT solutions for higher educational establishments, active interest of the audience, full of events programme of master classes, real experience of project solutions brought into life were the distinctive features of the conference that took place.