33 thousand foreigners became students of Russian higher educational establishments in 2013, the number of people wishing to study in Russia increases every year, as Veniamin Kaganov, deputy head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, said.
According to the deputy minister, the leaders among foreign students are those from CIS countries, the leader among European countries is Slovenia, the Asian leader is China, the leaders among Near East countries are Palestine, Syria and Iraq.
“On the whole, students from 120 countries study in Russian higher educational establishments,” Kaganov said on Monday at the joint meeting of special purpose committees of the Federation Council.
He explained that scholarships, obligatory medical insurance, migration support are the matters, which had already been positively solved in relation to foreigners. Transport expenses and voluntary medical insurance are among unsolved matters.
At the same time Kaganov mentioned that transport expenses for foreign students could be about 800-900 million RUR per year. A separate matter is trips home for students from Cuba. “It is necessary to find these resources, and there is a number of agreements achieved already with the Russkiy Mir (Russian World) Foundation,” the deputy minister said.
It was also mentioned at the meeting that the matter of foreign students’ entering Russian higher educational establishments is solved by Rossotrudnichestvo (Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.