Well-known American economist and professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Bradford DeLong  is speaking to students and faculty of MGIMO on Tuesday with the lecture on "The end of neo-liberal future: 6 years later", as it is said in press release of VTB Bank  media office, who supports organisation of DeLong's visit to Moscow.
DeLong is an expert in international economics and finance, he worked as the deputy under secretary of the finance of the United States at the Clinton’s administration, he is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, lectures on the problems of inflation and trade policy.
This lecture is the third in a series of planned speakings of leading international economists in Russian universities. This spring, public speaking by winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics Robert Aumann and Dale Mortensen have been already held in the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University (GSOM SPbU) and MGIMO. It is planned that the Nobel prize winner in Economics, professor at New York University, Thomas Sargent to perform in the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University in late September of this year.
"VTB Bank pays great attention to support of projects in business education. Leading Russian companies, including VTB, have a great need for training and attracting new highly skilled professionals who can work at the international level and are familiar with the best practices and theories in economy. I hope that ongoing lectures held by VTB will help Russian students to gain new knowledge that will be necessary for them in their future career", - the words of the first deputy president - chairman of the board of VTB bank, Vasily Titov are reproduced in the press release.