Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) does not have enough scientifical indicators to improve its position in the ranking of the QS, and Tomsk State University (TSU) comes short of foreign students and reputation of experts, reported representatives of universities on Tuesday during video conference in regional media centre of RIA Novosti.
In September, RIA Novosti group and QS signed a three-year agreement on cooperation on presentation of information materials of educational institutions at resources of RIA Novosti: global ratings of foreign and Russian universities, rankings of universities by subject areas, as well as other information related to educational needs of Russian speaking audience.
According to the rating, MSU remained the leader among Russian universities, which, comparing to last year, dropped four lines - 120th place. TPU, in 2013, moved from the group 601 + to the group 551-600, TSU has held its own in the group 551-600.
"We consider the place in international ranking as some kind of reputational capital of the university – this is non-substantial asset of material success. We are aware of our soft spots. They all are primarily related to research activity,"- said the rector of TPU, Petr Chubik.
He clarified that the work to advance indicators necessary, in particular, for improvement of the position in the QS ranking is enshrined in the road map of the university. Due to it, "Polytekh", as well as the State University, has joined the ranks of 15 Russian universities that will receive government support in the contest for a place in the hundred of best universities in the world.
In turn, First Deputy Rector of TSU, Edward Galazhinsky said, that, according to the rankings, the state university leaves TPU behind in terms of scientifical indicator. But it is inferior in number of foreign students and teachers, as well in such indicators as relation with employers and reputation.