The number of Russian universities participating in world ranking of universities according to the QS is growing, this year the list of the best included newcomers from regions. In the opinion of directors, international recognition for their universities  is an opportunity to attract more students from abroad, to increase number of orders for scientific research, as well as it is an incentive to maintain their positions in order to stay in the ranking.
In September, RIA Novosti group and the QS signed a three-year agreement on cooperation in publication of information materials of educational institutions at resources of RIA Novosti: global ratings of foreign and Russian universities, top of universities by subject areas, as well as other information related to educational needs of audience.
Thus, Russian-speaking readers for the first time will be able to get acquainted with original information of one of the world's leading companies in preparation of educational rankings.
Totally the ranking included 800 universities from 76 countries. As in the last year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) kept topping the ranking. Second place in the global top ten belongs to the Harvard University, and the University of Cambridge is in third place. Then - University College  London, Imperial College  London, Oxford, Stanford University, Yale University, University of Chicago,  the California Institute of Technology and Princeton University round out  the top ten.
The rating is based on six evaluation criteria: reputation in educational community, citation of publications of the university personnel, ratio of the number of teachers and students, attitudes of employers to graduates, as well as relative number of foreign teachers and students.
According to QS, of 18 Russian universities, who have made it into the ranking, only Lomonosov Moscow State University entered the top 200. But compared to the previous year, the university dropped to four lines, having moved to the 120th place (116 in 2012). At the same time the St. Petersburg State University (SPbU), and the Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) Bauman improved their positions  - 240 place (253 in 2012) and 334 place (352 in 2012), respectively. The Novosibirsk State University also got higher ranking - 352 place (371 in 2012).