According to the decree signed by Russian Premier Dmitry Medvedev, all drafts of federal state education programs will now be discussed on line, the Government’s website said Monday.
A number of documents signed by Mr. Medvedev will enter into effect on September 1, and will constitute parts of the new Law on Education, RIA Novosti reports. 
There will be a number of amendments introduced to the order of approving education standards.  Standards of assistantships in Culture Studies programs and Standards of residence programs in medicine will have to be approved by the Ministries of Culture and Health respectively.  All projects containing classified information will undergo a new procedure of expert assessment and approval.
Special work groups will be set up to consider programs of general, secondary professional and higher education containing classified projects.
One of the documents approves the order of monitoring the education system and the list of obligatory monitoring parameters.  Annual education monitoring reports will be published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for public discussion.  Another document approves the nomenclature of teaching and administrative positions in educational establishments.
One of the documents signed by Medvedev approves the criteria for selection of foreign entities issuing education documents and the rules for admission of such foreign educational institutions into the list.