Studies in Russian Institutions of Higher Education

It is getting on a new enrollment campaign of institutions of higher education, which starts on June 20th, 2012. In this regard, we have collected useful information for those who are planning to enroll in Russian universities this year.

Who May Study in Russian Institutions of Higher Education?

Foreign citizens, including those from former Soviet countries, stateless persons and compatriots living abroad may study in Russian institutions of higher education.

Foreign citizens may be admitted to institutions of higher education as follows:
• in accordance with international treaties;
● within the quota limits established by the Russian Federation Government Resolution No. 638 dated August 25th, 2008 “Upon Cooperation in the Field of Education with Foreign Countries”, by permits from the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science;
● in accordance with the institution of higher education direct contracts for places pursuant to the limits established by its licence, with tuition fee payment under conditions specified by the rules of admission. Foreign citizens from the former Soviet Union countries may participate in the competition for state-financed education in the manner prescribed by the specific educational institution.

What Documents Are Required?

When entering an institution of higher education in Russia foreign applicants have to submit:
• an application, filled in the Russian language;
● a copy of identity document;
● the original document (or its duly certified copy), confirming education recognized in Russia;
● a duly certified translation into Russian of an international document on education grade and its supplements;
● 4 photographs.

Except the above mentioned documents, foreign citizens entering within the quota in accordance with Resolution No. 638 shall submit a study permit.

All translations into Russian shall be performed in the name (surname and given name(s)) indicated in the entry visa.

What examinations are taken?

Admission of foreign citizens into institutions of higher education is carried out upon entrance examinations results, the form and list of which is determined by the institution itself.

If foreign citizens have passed the Unified State Exam in the relevant courses of general education this year, the institution considers the Unified State Exam results as the entrance examinations results.

Foreign citizens possessing the Unified State Exam Certificate may simultaneously apply for admission no more than into five institutions of higher education for three areas of study, for different modes of study, as well as for different forms of education (state-financed and study-for-fee).

Foreign citizens entering upon entrance examinations results may apply for one institution of higher education, and simultaneously participate in the competition for three areas of study (branches of study) as for state-financed and study-for-fee forms of education.

Is it possible to enter without entrance examinations?

The following persons may be exempt from entrance examinations and enrolled in Russian institutions of higher education:
• foreign citizens entering within the quota in accordance with Resolution No. 638, with study permit;
● winners and runners-up of the final stage of All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren, eligible for training at the expense of the corresponding budget (if the profile of the Olympiad corresponds to the selected area of study). If the profile of the Olympiad does not correspond to the selected area of study, the results of the winners and runners-up are regarded as the highest result of entrance examinations (100 points) in the relevant subject.

Where to get more information?

For additional information upon the rules of admission of foreign citizen to a specific institution of higher education (list of branches of study, for which the admission will be, lists of the entrance and additional tests, the rules of migration registration, etc.) may be found on the official website of the specific institution.

You can also call the Russian Ministry of Education hotline, which operates daily from 8:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. except Saturdays and Sundays until August 10th, 2012. The hotline telephone number for issues of admission and education of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation educational institutions is +7 (499) 237 83 92