Simplification of the nostrification procedure

From February 1, 2012 a new law is effective in Russia, which has long been awaited for by all the scientific and educational community. We speak about the Federal law «About introducing amendments into several legal acts of the Russian Federation to improve the nostrification procedures of educational certificates, academic degrees and ranks » signed by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on December 5, 2011.

By the developers’ opinions, the new law will boost competition in the innovations sphere and will allow not only to attract into the Russian science the leading world scientists, but will also create conditions for return to our country of Russian specialists who studied abroad.

The law suggests the recognition of educational certificates or proficiency corresponding to the terms of Equivalence & Mutual Recognition Agreements. Diplomas of the main foreign universities, the list of which is being developed at the moment, will also be recognized automatically.

In order to be included into this list a university should meet one of the following two criteria. The first provides for the inclusion of the university in Top 300 of the Academic Ranking of World Universities and QS World University Rankings. The second criterion is the territorial belonging of the university to one of the G8 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, Japan, France) and its participation in one of the national support programs.

In Europe, a uniform recognition procedure of diplomas issued by the main world universities with the provision of corresponding academic or professional rights. But in Russia until the latest time you had to prove even Harvard or Cambridge diplomas through the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency expertise where the verification of all documents could last several months.

The new law will considerably simplify the recognition procedure of foreign state education certificates, academic degrees and ranks. If earlier to work in Russian universities foreign scientists had to confirm the correspondence of their scientific merits and degrees to those existing on the territory of our country, nor they should only provide the corresponding documents with legalization and their translation into Russian.

The students will not have to go through a complex nostrification procedure any more if they wish to continue studies in Russia after obtaining a diploma in a foreign university. Now you just have to present documents certifying the studies corresponding to international and Russian regulations. If the documents do not correspond to one or several conditions students and applicants can attest their diploma through expertise according to the procedure established by law. It should be noted that consultations for recognizing foreign education certificates and scientific degrees will be free of charge.

The simplified recognition procedure of foreign diplomas is the first step on the way to create attractive conditions for the job placement of foreign specialists and stimulate a healthy competition in any spheres of science and economics. Besides, it will allow the students and graduates of foreign universities to come back to Russia if they wish to continue working here, but did not have such an opportunity due to the problems with the certification of diplomas.