Where to learn the Russian language: overview of the main educational programs and educational centers, inclusive of remote ones.

Foreign citizens, entering institutes of higher education in the Russian Federation, should obtain certificate, confirming knowledge of the Russian language. In case of absence of such certificate, the applicant should pass entrance test in International Test Center, located in Russian University of international friendship.
Those, who have successfully passed the test, obtain certificate that gives the right to enter any institute of higher education of the Russian Federation. Those, who have not passed the test, are proposed to pass training at the Russian language courses. The test of each level includes 5 components: reading, writing, audition, speaking and grammar.
At present, there are about 160 institutes of higher education in Russia, which have the right to teach the Russian language for foreigners, to conduct the tests and to issue certificates of state pattern. In addition, there are a lot of courses and schools for the Russian language learning. We give the list of organizations with good reputation.
1. Moscow State University International education center (
The oldest and the most popular school for the Russian language learning proposes full-time and remote forms of education. At present, in International education center (former preparatory faculty for foreign students) there are being actively developed the programs for remote studying of the Russian language as foreign one: with the use of popular television programs of Russia materials – “On the air is Russia”; the Russian language for beginners – “It’s time to speak Russian!” and others. The education program “It’s time to speak Russian!” represents initial course in the Russian language studying as foreign language. After its passing the person is able to pass the test of elementary level of the Russian language mastering within the measures of the Russian State system of testing; to read adapted texts of common, educational and social and cultural nature; to understand the names of the cities, streets on the map, names of the shops and simple advertisements; to orient himself/herself in the restaurants menus; to understand oral Russian language (of small volume – 80-100words) and to keep up simple conversation in Russian.
2.International language school Language Link (
Popular Britain school for foreign languages works all over the world, and in Russia – since 1994. It became one of the leaders due to opening of more than 30 branch offices. Special recognition from the part of Russian teachers obtained the Language Link Department of the Russian language teaching. Taking the same row with Dickinson College and Pennsylvania, Language Link organized the program of Dickinson in Moscow, thus proposing the prestige institutes students the possibility to continue their education here, in Russia, in Moscow. Not long ago the Language Link concluded the agreement with the English company “Russian Language Undergraduate Studies Ltd.” (RLUS). After signing of this agreement, Language Link obtained the possibility to teach students from Great Britain the Russian language.
There are summer intensive course, general courses and individual classes for the Russian institutes of higher education students in school. The studying of all the language disciplines (grammar, style, phonetics) is based at school on communication technique.
There are courses of the Russian languages in branch offices of Language Link in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd and Samara. The school renders the services to the student as to obtaining of visa and all the required documents. In addition to hotel or apartment for rent there is option of “living in Russian family”, which promotes dipping into language environment, as well as acquaintance with the Russian culture and way of life.

3. The Russian language and culture center (
This school has been teaching foreigners in Russia for 20 years. Opened in close cooperation with the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov M.V., since 2009 the centre has been organizing programs on the Russian language for the foreigner in its own auditoriums. Annually, about 500 students from more than 40 countries of the world come to the school. At the Russian language courses for foreigners studied the workers of such companies as BBC, Panasonic, KPMG, Burrick Russia Holdings Inc., Van Clief and Apples, CCFD, HSBC bank, Statoil, SCANIA, Samsung and others.
The staff of the center includes teachers-experts in the Russian language and literature of the Moscow State University, named after Lomonosov M.V., and the Russian Language Institute, named after Pushkin A.S. They developed several training programs. The Program “I live in Russia” is intended for those, who do not require visa support and accommodation from the school – the Russian language courses in the morning, night and on weekends with the teachers of the Moscow State University, named after Lomonosov M.V. “My own program” continues from 3 weeks up to one year and you may establish the terms of studying yourself. Summer programs – annual summer courses of the Russian language for foreigner and all the people, who wish to study the Russian language as foreign one for work or for business, for everyday life or for conversation, for scientific researches or simply for own purposes. And finally – academic year or term.
The peculiarity of the center is so-called “educational tourism” – excursion program within the measures of the Russian language courses for foreigners is the integral part of the students’ cultural life.
Each Monday, beginning from 9 o’clock in the morning there is carried out testing for registration for the Russian language program.

4.Remote education through Skype (
These courses are created for foreigners living not in Russia, or working according to complicated schedule, which does not provide time for road or waiting of the teacher at home or office. Their major peculiarity is fast development of communicative skills. After several tens of lessons, some persons are able to represent the interests of their companies and even carry out negotiations with foreign partners, as well as to keep grammatically correctly the correspondence, both personal and business, in Russian with Russian-speaking people.
There is the possibility to study the Russian language through Skype both from “zero” and in order to improve existing skills. There are accepted both children and adults, citizens of far and near abroad. The foreigner require for the Russian language on-line studying the access to Internet, installed Skype software and microphone with headphones. The trial lesson is possible. The courses payment is carried out with the help of credit card or through e-Payment.